Multiple conditions, such as genetic dental malformations, hereditary diseases of teeth, poor oral hygiene care, improper maintenance of routine oral hygiene, lack of insufficient fluoride exposure, and unhealthy dietary habits can all contribute to this situation.

Once the condition of the teeth is diagnosed by Doctor Van Maren, a treatment plan will be developed so that the infections in and around the teeth can be treated and the patient can be relieved of acute or chronic pain.

When Full Mouth Extractions Are Needed

It is not easy for the patient and the dentist to make the decision for full mouth extraction, however, there are certain conditions where full mouth extraction is indicated and these are.

Periodontal Conditions

Full mouth extraction is sometimes carried out in the case of periodontal conditions. Periodontitis is a disease affecting the supporting structures of teeth and causing their destruction, leading to loosening of teeth. Though periodontitis can be treated by various measures, if it progresses to an advanced stage, it may lead to loss of teeth. At this stage, excessively loose teeth remaining in the mouth have to be extracted to prevent further progression of disease in the bone. Full mouth extraction at this stage can help in controlling excessive bone loss.

Extensive Caries

If a patient has many grossly carious teeth in his mouth that cannot be restored, the patient may need full mouth extraction of all the teeth. The rate of extensive caries among people is increasing due to certain reasons:

Food Habits

Evidence indicates that because of the changing dietary patterns of many Americans, the incidence of dental caries is increasing in young adult patients. Increased consumption of foods such as excessive intake of sweets, and beverages leads to extensive caries and loss of teeth.

Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)

Xerostomia is a condition in which the amount of saliva in the mouth decreases. Saliva protects the teeth from attack of caries due to its flushing as well as buffering action. Saliva also helps in the remineralization of teeth that have been demineralized due to an attack of acid. A large number of patients suffering from Xerostomia have this condition due to various medications such as antidepressants, antibiotics etc.



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