Bay Area Implant And Denture

If you are planning to have an implant placed, Dr. Van Maren may recommend a socket preservation bone graft at the time of tooth removal. The purpose of this procedure is to preserve the bone height and width, thereby minimizing the amount of bone deterioration prior to implant placement. In this procedure, a bone graft material is placed into the tooth extraction socket immediately after a tooth is removed. The graft is then covered with a dissolvable collagen material to protect and hold the bone graft within the socket. The gum tissue will heal over the bone graft over 3-4 weeks. After 3-4 months of bone graft healing, the site is then ready for an implant to be placed.

Each person’s situation is unique. At your consultation appointment, Dr. Van Maren will advise you on whether a socket preservation bone graft is recommended.


Step 1

The tooth is removed and the remaining tooth socket is cleaned thoroughly, removing all inflamed and infected tissue.

Step 2

Appropriate bone grafting material is placed into the cleansed tooth socket.

Step 3

The membrane is often placed over the grafted material.

Step 4

Sutures placed into gum tissue to allow healing of the surrounding soft tissue.



Bay Area Implant And Denture