A full denture replaces your natural teeth and provides support for cheeks and lips. Without support from the denture, facial muscles sag, making you appear years older.

Types of Complete Dentures

There are various types of dentures. A full permanent denture is made and placed in your mouth after your teeth are removed and your tissues have healed.

A full Immediate Denture is inserted as soon as your remaining teeth are removed. Dr. Van Maren will take measurements and make models of your jaw during a preliminary visit. A major benefit of Immediate Dentures is that they will allow the denture wearer to have teeth during the healing period which lasts about six months.

Our permanent full dentures are made of high-end St. George’s Acrylic which is extremely strong and highly impact resistant. They are made to last about 5-6 years based on the level of quality which you purchase. The base of the upper denture covers the plate (the roof of the month) while the lower is shaped like a horseshoe to allow room for the tongue. The gum and bone tissues of the dental ridge support the denture. The base, which conforms closely to the ridge, is held in place with a thin film of saliva.

A complete denture also may be attached to dental implants (titanium fixtures attached directly to the jaw bone), which provide a more secure fit. In addition to increasing the stability of the denture, properly healed implants can help reduce further bone loss. Doctor Van Maren will determine whether you are a candidate for dental implants and can help you decide which type of denture is right for you.

Our Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center dentures closely resemble your natural teeth and are modeled after old family photos to look as much as possible like you did when you were younger. All of our dentures are custom-made and approved by you prior to fabrication.



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