Bay Area Implant And Denture

Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center

Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center is renowned for its comprehensive dental services, focusing on oral surgery, particularly expertise in wisdom teeth extractions, and the creation of custom dentures, partials, and M.D.I. mini-implants. In addition, the center offers protective athletic mouthguards for sports enthusiasts and sleep apnea devices for those in need. What sets the practice apart is its on-site laboratory, which ensures that all dental appliances are crafted in-house, providing patients with efficient and personalized dental solutions.

Established in 1999, the practice has become a cornerstone of the community, fostering a legacy of dental excellence and compassionate care. It has flourished since its transition in leadership in 2013, maintaining a commitment to quality that patients have come to trust and rely on. The practice prides itself on its skilled staff who have extensive experience in managing a wide array of dental needs for patients from diverse backgrounds.

The ethos of the center is rooted in a patient-centered approach, aiming to ensure comfort and satisfaction for all who seek care. The team is dedicated to not just improving smiles, but enhancing overall well-being, with a history of service that includes both civilian care and distinguished military medical service. Their expertise is matched by a genuine passion for dentistry and a drive to deliver the best outcomes, making the Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center a premier destination for those seeking dental care tailored to their individual needs.


At Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center, we understand that selecting the right dentures is pivotal not just for your smile, but for embracing a youthful appearance and enjoying life to the fullest. Our expertise in creating superior dentures ensures that you receive a set that complements your facial aesthetics, provides comfort, and fits within your budget. We are dedicated to boosting your confidence and ensuring that your dentures facilitate your everyday activities, whether you’re enjoying a meal, conversing, or leading an active lifestyle.

The Bay Area Denture and Surgery Center team is attuned to the unique dental requirements of individuals managing chronic health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis, or those facing the natural changes that come with aging. We ensure a supportive and understanding environment for all patients. We invite you to take advantage of our complimentary consultation to address any health concerns and explore how our personalized dental solutions can enhance your quality of life.